SMEs, create a game plan towards BPR

It is Monday and a new working week has started, so we hope readers that you have had a nice weekend. Today we would like to talk to all SMEs producing or placing biocides in EU.  During the last few months, we have had the opportunity to talk with a group of SMEs, some of them belong to the painting sector and some to the disinfectants’ industry. Even though they were from different industries they had a common concern: How to approach in practice the Biocides Products Regulation- BPR.  We found a lot of uncertainty within the companies with respect to the regulation. But readers, uncertainty doesn’t mean no actions, as a contrary SMEs need to react as soon as possible to understand their role, deadlines, cost implications and strategy to follow to keep their business in EU.
To help SMEs to cope with the BPR, today we are sharing with you the article:  SMEs need a clear business roadmap to navigate the BPR. Here our CFO Jouni Honkavaara, urges SMEs to take immediate actions and create a game plan for the future:

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