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Industry Associations

Since the year 2008 REACHLaw has helped several industry associations around the world as an expert partner. REACHLaw has contributed to the planning and execution of several awareness activities to explain to their member companies and the chemical industry in general all the REACH regulatory requirements that need to be met in order to safeguard their future business. As an expert partner REACHLaw helps the associations to perform legal assessments, REACH analysis, task-force management and other compliance issues for their members.

Case Studies

CASE 1: REACH Awareness Activities
Organisation nameCIQyP- Argentinean Chamber of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
SectorChemicals & Petrochemicals/ Industry Association
Services offeredSeminars/workshops/webinars

Since the year 2007, the CIQyP has been a pioneer in promoting REACH compliance among their member companies. CIQyP was looking for a suitable EU expert to help their member companies to understand their challenges and REACH obligations.

Our solution

Since the year 2008, REACHLaw has delivered several seminars, workshops and webinars, in the local language for the CIQyP member companies. We have addressed REACH, CLP, REACH Authorisation and Supply Chain management topics, to help the Argentinean chemical industry to cope with the REACH & CLP requirements.

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