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Chemicals Industry

Ensuring regulatory compliance for your business

Chemicals Industry

REACHLaw helps chemical companies to become compliant with market access regulations (e.g “REACH& CLP”, “Turkey SEA, GBF, KKDIK”, ” China REACH & GHS”, “K-REACH & GHS”…), to respond successfully to market challenges to be better positioned in the market place. By providing our compliant solutions, customers will gain competitive advantage through easier market entry and better performance.

We help you with your REACH registrations, REACH Authorisation, Supply chain compliance,  global notifications and beyond!

Case Studies

CASE 1: Digital Solutions > CompliantSuppliers
Organisation nameClient confidential, Belgium
Services offeredCompliantSuppliers

As a downstream user of hundreds of chemicals, the confidential company in question was concerned with the REACH and CLP compliance status of the chemicals they procure or intends to procure. The company was attempting to do a compliance check on all chemicals from the various suppliers manually by email and excel questionnaires but soon found out that the suppliers were not responding to the questionnaires.

Our solution

The compliance check tool CompliantSuppliers available on-line at was utilized as an alternative using its “customer campaign” –feature. All relevant suppliers were invited to report REACH & CLP compliance information on their products supplier to the Client and the response rate was 94 % to the first contact or at the latest the second reminder. The campaign was initiated and once the recipients were identified the campaign could be launched immediately. As a result of the campaign, 30 % of the respondents had some irregularities with their products compliance status whilst another 30 % had poor or very poor and non-compliance (e)SDS for the supplier chemical products. Around 5 % of the chemicals were deemed non-compliant and the Client had to find another supplier for these chemicals. Some additional potential suppliers were also found on CompliantSuppliers

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CASE 2: Change of Only Representative
Organisation nameNon-EU manufacturer of chemicals
SectorSpecialty chemicals
Services offeredOR change service and subsequent OR representative and registration services

Non-EU manufacturer A has pre-registered a number of substances through a  small EU-based consultancy as OR in 2008. As registration is due by 31st May 2018 and enforcement activities of continuous OR responsibilities increase, A wishes to change to an experienced leading REACH service provider as OR.

Our solution

REACHLaw supports manufacturer A with the termination of the appointment of the previous OR and seeks its consent to the OR change. An OR agreement between REACHLaw and A is concluded. Pre-registrations are transferred to REACHLaw using the Legal Entity Change ‘handshake’ functionality in REACH-IT. EU importers are then informed about REACHLaw as the new OR.   

Further information

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CASE 3: REACH Awareness Activities
Organisation nameCIQyP- Argentinean Chamber of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
SectorChemicals & Petrochemicals/ Industry Association
Services offeredSeminars/workshops/webinars

Since the year 2007, the CIQyP has been a pioneer in promoting REACH compliance among their member companies. CIQyP was looking for a suitable EU expert to help their member companies to understand their challenges and REACH obligations.

Our solution

Since the year 2008, REACHLaw has delivered several seminars, workshops and webinars, in the local language for the CIQyP member companies. We have addressed REACH, CLP, REACH Authorisation and Supply Chain management topics, to help the Argentinean chemical industry to cope with the REACH & CLP requirements.

Further information

CASE 4: Co-Registrations
Organisation nameClient confidential, USA
Services offeredCo-Registration planning and execution for 2018 deadline

Determining a proper Co-registration strategy for the last REACH deadline to determine the total costs, workload and analytical tests required.

Our solution

Identify all potentials substances (several hundred substances) that have a “business case” post 2018 and potential new substances. Based on this “shortlist”, identify the existence of SIEF’s or PRE-SIEF’s (whether there is a Lead Registrant or not) and potential LoA / Consortium membership fees. Furthermore the analytical test requirements were mapped and gaps identified. Based on this 2018 Strategy, the Client can now budget for 2018 registration and even out the cost peaks.

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