Today’s actions lead our future

Hi Readers!

Today I have understood the importance of the sentence: what you do today will drive your future. Sentence that by the way can be applicable in many ways, but today will be focused in the business arena. Six months ago, I got a call from a company located outside of EU, looking for a consultant to take care of what he was calling at that time, RIK legislation. When I heard this, I can confese to you that I was even more curious about who was in the other side of the phone and I gently corrected to him telling:I think you meant REACH.

His name was Raul, a man close to 70 years old who owns a small company in Uruguay. Despite his age, he was very interested of knowing more about the REACH legislation that everybody in his circle was talking about. I then started to explain to him the obligations and requirements of REACH and implications for his business. He,  to my surprise ( usually companies complain when new regulatory barriers are emerging), was quiet, listening very careful to everything I was saying and only when I finished he said to me: How I can drive my business without being dependent from others! He had very clear in his mind that freedom was the key of his business success.  He knew that he needed to take actions if he wanted to grow overseas.

My answer was then: we need to register your product under REACH if you are aming to export to EU freely. Our call ended like this and a month after he called me again and wanted us to become his OR. It was not easy for him to convince the board of his company about this decision, especially because at that time they didn’t have any request or potential orders from EU. But Raul had a very clear vision: Registration=100% control=Freedom=new business.

Yesterday morning,  Raul was calling me again, but this time very happy. He wanted to share with me the good news: they got their first customer in EU and will start exports middle of February!.

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