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Pulp & Paper Industry

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Pulp & Paper Industry

The Pulp and Paper sector is one of the largest global industries which has been pressured to re-think their business. They are doing this by developing new technologies into a sustainable and innovation driven future. REACHLaw assists the Pulp & Paper industry in addressing the chemical regulatory challenges that impact today’s sector.

Case Studies

CASE 1: Lead Registrations
Organisation nameClient confidential, Finland
SectorPulp & Paper
Services offeredLead Registration of biofuels

Substances manufactured or imported at over 1 tonne per annum into the EU/EEA needs to be REACH Registered unless specifically exempted. In this case as the two high volume biofuel substances (UVCBs) were new and therefore no previous Joint Submission existed, a Lead Registration dossier had to be prepared per substance, preceded by a substance inquiry.

Our solution

REACHLaw prepared the two highly complex Lead Registration dossiers, including all necessary Chemical Safety Reports (CSR) and other attachments for the Client utilizing existing data as much as possible and for the endpoints without data, using read-across, and when no other options were available, additional endpoint testing. Project was concluded according to initial timetables and substances were successfully registered, allowing the Client to place the products on the EU/EEA market.

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