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Mining Industry

Understanding your regulatory challenges

Mining Industry

As chemical regulations are becoming stricter, mining companies have an imperative to adapt to changing market conditions while adopting new innovations to improve environmental performance. REACHLaw helps the mining industry to understand their regulatory challenges and bring chemical regulatory compliant solutions to ensure their market access.

Case Studies

CASE 1: Compliance with Turkey SEA and GBF Regulations
Organisation nameOne of the leading mining and metallurgical companies in the world
SectorMining and metallurgical sector
Services offeredCompliance with Turkish chemicals regulations

In the past few years Turkey has adopted new CLP and SDS Regulations (“SEA” and “GBF” respectively) imposing new obligations on the companies that are placing their chemicals on the local market. Under SEA the C&L notifications are to be completed by June 1, 2015. The GBF regulation requires companies to prepare compliant SDSs in Turkish language by a locally certified expert (a license is required) and submitted to the Turkish Ministry for substances by June 2015 and for mixtures by June 2016. Our Customer requested to provide all the required services to comply with new obligations relevant for a non-Turkish manufacturer.

Our solution

REACHLaw has classified all Customer’s substances under SEA, prepared and submitted the notifications to the Turkish Ministry by the deadline. Since Customer is a non-Turkish manufacturer, REACHLaw subsidiary in Turkey was appointed as Legal Representative to complete the notifications. As required under GBF, a duly authorised REACHLaw specialist has prepared all Customer’s SDSs and certified them in the Section 16.

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