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Markets & Partners

Customers from 40+ countries and partners in our key markets

REACHLaw has several partners in the most important markets in Europe, Asia, Latin-America and the US. We have more than 300 customers, including several Fortune 100 companies, from more than 40 countries.

Get to know some of our partners

In Belgium

eSpheres Ltd

Founded in 2011 as a Solvay spin-out company, eSpheres concentrates the experience and expertise gained over 10 years as the team developing Solvay’s corporate HSE-IT system. The eSpheres executive team has a large expertise in IT development, innovation and Environment, Health and Safety business processes.

Team members have been working for a large number of industries and segments, like chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, iron, steel and alloys production, mining and minerals, pulp and paper, but also at downstream users like polymers and polymer transformation, electronics, cosmetics, and automative industries.

eSpheres’ services include: SAP EHS project & IT consultancy. Outsourcing: vendor SDS collection services. SAAS: Compliant-Chemicals application.

REACHLaw is one of the investors at eSpheres.

Contact Details

  • Philip Capel
  • Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
  • Email:
  • Tel: +32 (0) 473 58 1473

ARCHE consulting 

ARCHE Consulting is based in Belgium and has offices in Ghent and Leuven. ARCHE Consulting experts hold an unique track record (15 years) in the field of environmental toxicology, exposure modeling and the preparation of risk assessment dossiers in general. The experts working at ARCHE Consulting have built up in depth knowledge on assessing risks of chemicals during both the predecessor of the REACH regulation (EU regulation 67/1488 on new and existing substances) as well as on the preparation of Chemical Safety Assessments/report in the framework of the REACH regulation.

One of the key areas of expertise is the preparation of risk assessments for inorganic substances such as metals, alloys, slags etc and as such the ARCHE experts have been involved in the preparation of many guidance documents on these topics (for example MERAG, Metal Risk Assessment Guidance). Next to these activities, the scientific services of ARCHE Consulting  have been frequently consulted in the framework of the risk assessment of flame retardants and other organic chemicals.

Contact details

  • Marnix Vangheluwe
  • Managing director
  • Phone: +32 9 216 70 38

Vander Straeten Consulting Services Ltd

Economist by training, Michel Vander Straeten has 20 years of experience in environmental and energy-related EU regulation and economic impact assessment in the field of metals and metal-containing chemicals.

He has participated in innovating socio-economic impact assessments for industry in the EU as well as in the Asia-Pacific region, which explored the reality of regulatory ‘product stigmatisation’ as well as the economics of substitution. At the request of Eurometaux, the European Association of Metals, he developed a guidance for Risk Management Options Analysis (RMOA) which is being adopted widely in industry. It guides an in-depth and credibility-enhancing process leading to the identification of the most proportionate risk management option or combination of options.

Michel Vander Straeten has implemented the methodology he developed in several anticipative or ‘shadow’ RMOA projects in industry, allowing companies and consortia to develop or strengthen their risk management strategies.

Contact Details:

  • Michel Vander Straeten
  • Director
  • Email:
  • Tel:+ 32 473 68 2339

In Italy

Waste and Chemicals Srl

Located in Rome, WasteandChemicals experience includes tens of projects carried out at the international level for:

i) Large private firms/Large industrial groups and consortia of trade associations, ii) United Nations Agencies ( UNESCO, UNDP, UNIDO, UNEP, UNOPS, FAO), iii) The World Bank Group and other international financial institutions, iv) National governmental institutions ( Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory and Sea Protection), Italian Ministry of Economic Develpment, China Ministry for Environmental Protection, Jordan Ministry of the Environment, Nepal Ministry for Environmental Protection).

WasteandChemicals provides sustainable solutions for clients worldwide.

Contact Details

  • Carlo Lupi
  • CEO
  • Phone: +39 0 645675590/1

In The UK & Ireland

NEVEK Consulting Ltd

We have teamed up with NEVEK Consulting Ltd to strengthen our current chemical regulatory compliance offering in the UK and Irish markets.

Dr. Keven Harlow, Director and owner of NEVEK Consulting Ltd, has over 20 years’ commercial experience in global metals industry where he was able to marry his technical knowledge with sales and marketing experience. Not forgetting his technical roots, Keven became involved with the EU-REACH regulation in 2005, supporting various companies and trade associations with REACH compliance strategies and consortia management. Furthermore, from 2008 Keven managed the manganese REACH consortium at the Paris-based International Manganese Institute (IMnI). In 2011 Keven assumed the role of Regulatory Affairs Manager at the IMnI for chemical regulations worldwide, including maritime shipping codes.

Dr Harlow holds a PhD (metallurgy) at The University of Nottingham, UK.

Contact Details  

  • Keven Harlow
  • Director
  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 7800 85 0692

In Argentina

Chamber of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry  of Argentina- CIQyP

Founded in 1949, the CIQyP is a non-profit civil association created for the collective representation of the chemical and petrochemical companies in Argentina. The companies associated to the CIQyP represent more than 68% of the production value of the chemical industry in Argentina.

The CIQyP aims to promote the growth and development of the Argentinean  chemical and petrochemical sector.

Contact Details

  • José María Fumagalli
  • Director
  • Email:
  • Tel.(5411) 4313 1000/1059

In Brazil

Mourao Henrique Consultores Associados (MHCA)

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, MHCA is a consultancy in the area of regulatory intelligence and foreign trade with emphasis on strategies and support for compliance with regulatory requirements in environment and human health. To serve customers efficiently, MHCA established a competent and reliable network of partners and national and international partners, which strengthen and complement the actions of MCHA.

Contact Details

  • Dr Nicia Mourao
  • Director
  • Tel: (5511) 996664846
  • Email:




In South Korea

Chemtopia Co. Ltd

Starting with chemical registrations in Korea, USA, EU and Japan, Chemtopia has participated in K-REACH, Chemical Control Act, GHS, and biocides related policy research projects as expert group. In addition, Chemtopia provides chemical safety and health audit service and IT-based chemical management services to enable companies to prevent workplace accidents, to cross the international trade barriers, and provide effective chemical compliance globally.

Contact Details

  • Dr Sanghee Park
  • CEO
  • Email:
  • Tel. +82 28269100