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About Us

Your partner in chemical regulatory compliance

REACHLaw in Brief

REACHLaw provides chemical regulatory compliance and product safety solutions globally. REACHLaw has its headquarter in Finland and offices in the UK, Belgium, Turkey and India.

We have more than 20 partners in the most important markets in Europe, Asia, Latin‐ America and the US. We have more than 300 customers, including several Fortune 100 companies, from more than 40 countries. Our customers are typically manufacturers, importers, traders, downstream users, retailers and governmental organizations.

The major sectors served are oil, petrochemicals, metals, paper and pulp, electronics, fine and speciality chemicals industries.

Our Business Model

REACHLaw addresses customers’ needs by combining legal, technical and business competencies into a productized tailored offering.

Our customers can choose the best service model related to their needs.

REACHLaw global partners provide:

  • Presence on the local markets and competence in the local requirements
  • Specialized competences in chemistry, eco‐toxicology, toxicology and testing
  • Industry sector specific competencies

Our Mission & Vision

REACHLaw provides business regulatory advice and compliance solutions to support our corporate customers’ sustained expansion to new markets globally.

The complexity of the global chemical regulatory landscape is growing day the day. Understanding the risks, organizing, managing and maintaining compliance will require a combination of competences and processes that are not readily available in organizations in-house, or for which the costs and risks become too high to maintain. Compliance is no longer only a technical and legal issue; it has become a major business issue.

At the same time environmental sustainability has become a strategic issue for organizations affecting the future strategy, investments, organization, costs, product development, production, marketing and branding.