Colombia “REACH” : Online registration system for industrial chemicals is live

On the 30th of November 2021, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, has published Decree 1630/2021 on chemicals management requiring the registration of industrial chemicals (as such or in mixtures) that are identified as hazardous under UN GHS – if they are manufactured in or imported into Colombia in quantities above 100 kilograms per year. Consequently, and as a step forward, Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce has launched this year an online registration system for industrial chemicals – known as RSQUI – that will initially require manufacturers and importers to submit following information:

  • Identity of the manufacturer or importer of the chemical substance for industrial use
  • Annual production or import of the chemical substance for industrial use (as such or in mixtures).
  • Chemical substance identity, including CAS number (where applicable)
  • Hazard classification, according to the sixth revision of GHS, which Colombia adopted in 2018 -Decree 1496; and
  • Identified uses.

Foreign companies wishing to register their industrial chemicals via the online registration system – RSQUI, can a appoint a legal representative in Colombia to fill out the required information.

The registration deadline for registering chemicals for industrial use via RSQUI is 31 May 2025. Industrial chemicals that are not registered before that date will be considered as new chemicals and therefore, will be subject to additional requirements.

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