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As a leading expert in registration, authorisation, and notification of chemical substances we specialize in providing tailored services to meet the unique needs of our clients, both within and outside the EU. Our expertise spans a wide range of chemical regulations, including EU REACH and EU CLP, Turkey KKDIK, SEA and GBF, UK REACH, India REACH, Ukraine REACH, and many more. With our support, your company can get market access for your chemical products and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

In keeping with the EU's Green Deal objectives, we help businesses navigate the ongoing developments regarding EU REACH Revision and the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.

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Organizations’ needs on chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability vary greatly depending on the company type, industry sector, the size of the organization, the main markets and the organizational capabilities.

At REACHLaw we have developed a set of chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability solutions to help businesses to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, spearheaded by REACH & GHS and to meet the UN Sustainable development goals.

In addition, we help companies in the transition towards circular economy to achieve a sustainable growth.

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The Blog

An online space dedicated to chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability related topics. The Blog not only offers you updates on what is going on with the different chemical regulations, it is also a meeting point where key stakeholders are sharing their thoughts towards chemical regulatory compliance, sustainability, circular economy and business in a global scale.

In The Blog we have guest writers to make sure you get the breadth of topics and services we can offer; but also through The Blog we are sharing important insights about chemical regulations around the world and different initiatives towards sustainability, circularity and industry cases to inspire innovation and growth.

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The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA) under the powers delegated by the European Commission, in the frame of HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions, has awarded a 2.7M€ contract, Lead-free Transition for the European Space Sector LETTERSS, to a consortium led by REACHLaw. The project addresses the main challenges of the Pb-free transition for the European Space Sector. The...

GHS-SDS Training Aligned with EU 2020/878: Mumbai Session on Dec 16th!

Mark your calendars for a crucial training opportunity! We're excited to announce our upcoming 1 Day classroom session on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), aligning with EC 2020/878. Date: 16th December 2023 Location: The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai (Near Terminal 1 Airport) What's Special about This Training? EC 2020/878 Compliance:...

1 January 2024: Poison Centre Notification deadline for industrial use mixtures

Background Information:  Article 45 of CLP requires importers and downstream users to notify hazardous mixtures to the appointed bodies (i.e, poison centers) using the harmonized format (Annex VIII) following deadlines for each use category. With deadlines passed for Professional and consumer use, Industrial use mixtures are required to be notified following deadline of 1st Jan 2024. Decide if your business...