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As a leading expert in registration, authorisation and notification of chemical substances, inside and outside the EU, REACHLaw provides chemical regulatory compliance and supports companies to gain market access for their chemical products globally. We help them with regulations such as EU REACH and CLP, Turkey KKDIK, SEA and GBF, Eurasia REACH, UK REACH and many more.

REACHLaw is also committed to supporting companies with their sustainable growth and, therefore, as part of EU’s action plan for a Circular Economy, we also help companies to comply with SCIP notification and End-of-Waste criteria obligations, as required by the revised Waste Framework Directive (WFD).

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Industry Sectors

Organizations’ needs on chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability vary greatly depending on the company type, industry sector, the size of the organization, the main markets and the organizational capabilities.

At REACHLaw we have developed a set of chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability solutions to help businesses to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, spearheaded by REACH & GHS and to meet the UN Sustainable development goals.

In addition, we help companies in the transition towards circular economy to achieve a sustainable growth.

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The Blog

An online space dedicated to chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability related topics. The Blog not only offers you updates on what is going on with the different chemical regulations, it is also a meeting point where key stakeholders are sharing their thoughts towards chemical regulatory compliance, sustainability, circular economy and business in a global scale.

In The Blog we have guest writers to make sure you get the breadth of topics and services we can offer; but also through The Blog we are sharing important insights about chemical regulations around the world and different initiatives towards sustainability, circularity and industry cases to inspire innovation and growth.

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Affected by UK REACH authorisation?

Under UK REACH all the EU REACH authorisation provisions are retained to ensure that substances of very high concern (SVHCs) that are included in the UK REACH authorisation list (Annex 14 of UK REACH) are progressively replaced either by suitable alternatives or less dangerous substances. SVCHs added to the UK REACH authorisation list cannot be placed or used on the...

Summary of the 4th ESA REACH Workshop

In continuation to our LinkedIn post published on the 20th of October on our participation in the 4th edition of the ESA (European Space Agency) workshop on “the EU REACH Regulation and its impact on the Space Sector” held last month at ESA HQ in Paris, we are glad to inform you that REACHLaw, with the support of ESA and...

Colombia "REACH" : Online registration system for industrial chemicals is live

On the 30th of November 2021, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, has published Decree 1630/2021 on chemicals management requiring the registration of industrial chemicals (as such or in mixtures) that are identified as hazardous under UN GHS - if they are manufactured in or imported into Colombia in quantities above 100 kilograms per year. Consequently, and...