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As the leading provider of services on the registration, authorisation and notification of chemical substances both within and outside the EU, REACHLaw supports companies in gaining market access for their chemical products globally. Example of our support includes: EU REACH & CLP, Turkey KKDIK, SEA & GBF, UK REACH, Eurasia REACH, K-REACH and many more.

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Organizations’ needs on chemical regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability vary greatly depending on the company type, industry sector, the size of the organization, the main markets and the organizational capabilities. REACHLaw has developed a set of chemical regulatory compliance solutions to help businesses to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, spearheaded by REACH & GHS.

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The Blog

An online space dedicated to chemical regulatory compliance. The Blog not only offers you updates on what is going on with the different chemical regulations, it is also a meeting point where key stakeholders are sharing their thoughts towards chemical compliance issues and business in a global scale. In The Blog we have guest writers to make sure you get the breadth of topics and services we can offer.

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Meet us in Washington @ the Regulatory Summit USA 2019

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We are hiring!

At REACHLaw we are always looking for new talent! Send your job application at the soonest and get to be part of our experienced yet dynamic multicultural team and become familiar with the fast-paced and ever-evolving chemical regulatory compliance field. Right now we are looking for: A REACH Specialist, A Chemical Safety Assessment Specialist,  a Finance & Administration Trainee and...

News From Our Chemical Regulations Seminar Held In India

Last Friday, we had an excellent session during our seminar on Chemical Regulations at Vadodara, India. We had the opportunity to meet-up with several companies such as manufacturers, formulators exporting chemical products to the EU, Turkey, Russia and South Korea who are looking for chemical regulatory compliance solutions to enable them entering these markets since their customers are requesting compliance...

BREXIT: ECHA urges Downstream Users to prepare for an eventual "no deal scenario"

The UK is due to leave the EU on the 31st of October 2019 and under the uncertainties around the ratification of the withdrawal agreement, ECHA advises companies to act ahead and prepare for an eventual no deal. Under this scenario, the UK will become a third country without a transition period. Downstream Users located in the EU-27/EEA,  relying on...