Summary of the 4th ESA REACH Workshop

In continuation to our LinkedIn post published on the 20th of October on our participation in the 4th edition of the ESA (European Space Agency) workshop on “the EU REACH Regulation and its impact on the Space Sector” held last month at ESA HQ in Paris, we are glad to inform you that REACHLaw, with the support of ESA and the presenters, has prepared a summary from the workshop. You can access the summary report via the following link:, and if you have any questions you are very welcome to contact our Senior Legal Advisor Tim Becker at:   

Furthermore, all the presentations held at the 4th ESA REACH workshop are now published on the event’s page and you can find them via the following link:

Do not miss this opportunity to take a closer look at the insights shared by the keynote speakers and presenters covering following sessions:  

  • Welcome and Introduction by Marie-Christine Contino, ESA
  • Keynote presentation by A. Vena, ESA
  • Session I: Status of REACH Activities. Presenters included: Matti Vainio, ECHA; P. Janik, ESA; Tim Becker, REACHLaw; Alexandra Lesage, EDA; Thorsten Ziegler, ArianeGroup. 
  • Session II: REACH Revision activities, other regulatory challenges and key messages. Presenters included: Tim Becker, REACHLaw; P. Lionnet, Eurospace; F.Vitobello, European Commission; J. Denzel, ASD; Hugo Waeterschoot, Eurometaux; E. Tormena, ESA.
  • Session III: Managing substitution and obsolescence.  Presenters included: P.Janik, ESA; G.Corocher, ESA, Tim Becker, REACHLaw; Oliver Reiff-Musgrove, REACHLaw; E. Laurent, CNES; M. Nowak, Map Space Coatings, W Heinbach, Syliom Consulting, Chairman COGD, Vicepresident IIOM.

At REACHLaw we are following closely on the developments of REACH, the REACH Revision and how to manage REACH substitution and obsolescence. Do not hesitate to contact us at for support.

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