Wake Up! CLP 2015

Have you done your homework in respect of CLP? If so, good job!  But what about CLP for mixtures? This is a wake up call for companies producing hazardous mixtures. From the first of June 2015, hazardous substances and mixtures need to be classified according to the CLP regulation. It means that companies placing hazardous substances/mixtures in the EU need to comply with CLP to continue their business. A big number of products will then need to be relabeled to meet the CLP requirements which include consumer items like paints, detergents and industrial mixtures.
In order to reclassify and label your mixtures ECHA has shared the following tips:

i)Use the information provided by your supplier in the Safety Data Sheet
ii)Check ECHA’s classification inventory and check how others have classified and labeled the substances
iii)Make use of the harmonized classification and labelling for the most hazardous chemicals on the EU market
iv)Use the classification and labelling information from your supplier if you refill, re-package or reimport hazardous chemicals into the EU without changing their composition.

More information at: http://www.echa.europa.eu/web/guest/regulations/clp

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