Ukraine Regulatory Update: Public Consultation Results for Ukraine REACH Published

On May 29, 2024, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine announced the successful completion of the public consultation process for the draft resolution titled “On the Approval of the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Chemical Products.” This regulation is commonly referred to as Ukraine REACH.

The draft resolution was initially made public on March 22, 2024, through an official posting on the Ministry’s website, leading to two months dedicated to submitting comments. During this period, stakeholders were invited to submit their proposals and comments in writing to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

Comments were received from a range of organizations, including the European Business Association, the Ukrainian Association of Tobacco Manufacturers “UKRTABACO,” REACHLaw Ltd., the CIPER Consortium, Huntsman Corporation, AMFER, CropLife Europe, Henkel, BASF SE, Cefic, Evonik Leading Beyond Chemistry, the Japan Chemicals Exporters and Importers Association, the International Carbon Black Association, the Association of Ukrainian Paint Industry Manufacturers, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

A significant outcome of the public consultation is the authority’s agreement to extend the registration deadlines under Ukraine REACH, providing the industry with additional preparation time. The newly proposed registration deadlines are as follows:

(i) 1000 t/a – by October 1, 2026

(ii) 100-1000 t/a – by June 1, 2028

(iii) 1-100 t/a – by March 1, 2030

Ukraine REACH is anticipated to receive approval from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine shortly, with enactment expected six months after the approval process is completed.

For more details on the public consultation results, please visit the Ministry’s official website: ІНФОРМАЦІЙНЕ ПОВІДОМЛЕННЯ про завершення процедури громадського обговорення проєкту постанови Кабінету Міністрів України «Про затвердження Технічного регламенту щодо безпечності хімічної продукції» – Міністерство захисту довкілля та природних ресурсів України (

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