UK REACH Registration Deadlines – Important information

Attention all UK businesses. The draft Statutory Instrument (SI) “The REACH (amendment) Regulation 2023” has been recently published on and will bring important updates to the UK REACH registration deadlines for substances.

Under the amended Article 127P, specific registration deadlines have been set for different substances. For substances added to the UK candidate list by 31 December 2023, the deadline will be 27 October 2026. This applies to any new candidate list substances added within this time frame. For substances classified as CMRs and those with an annual volume of over 1000 t/year, the deadline will be 27 October 2026.  For substances classified as aquatic chronic 1 or aquatic acute 1 and manufactured or imported in quantities reaching 100 t/year, the deadline will also be 27 October 2026

For substances manufactured or imported over 100 t/year, the deadline will be extended to 27 October 2028. This deadline also applies to substances added to the candidate list between 1 January 2024 and 27 October 2026. And finally, remaining substances with volumes equal to or over 1 t/year will need to be registered by 27 October 2030.

It is important for businesses to take note of these updated deadlines to ensure UK REACH compliance and avoid any potential penalties. This provides an opportunity for businesses to better plan and prioritize their registration efforts, while also ensuring a smooth transition towards the necessary registration requirements.

With these updated deadlines, the authorities also have more time to implement effective UK REACH compliance checks. Art 41 of the amended regulation will set targets for assessing registration dossiers, with no less than 20% of registration dossiers to be assessed by 2027, 2030, and 2035, aligning with the respective 2026, 2028, and 2030 deadlines. This provides businesses with a clear roadmap and timeline for compliance, allowing them to better allocated resources and ensure they are fully prepared.

The above changes will come into force after approval by each House of Parliament.  This SI is expected to be enacted and in force by Q3 2023.

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