SCIP prototype and simplified notifications

Check out the SCIP prototype now to be prepared for October!


To familiarize yourself in the upcoming challenge of the SCIP database and SCIP notifications, ECHA has launched a prototype of the database for companies to check out. The first version of the official database will be launched in October 2020, so you still have some time to check out the prototype to be ready for the actual database. Through the SCIP database, information on products that contain Candidate List substances can be made available throughout their whole lifecycle.

The prototype will include most of the features that will be present in the actual SCIP database in October. Meaning that proficiency in the prototype will carry over to the real database as well. Do note that some minor changes might be present in the actual version.

“We really recommend companies that need to notify to go and try out the SCIP prototype. It is there for you so you can familiarise yourself with the tool and explore the ways that data should be filled in and submitted,” says Clara Rueda, a Scientific Officer working in ECHA’s Exposure and Supply Chain Unit.

All data entered into the prototype will be deleted in October as the actual databased is launched. Once the SCIP database is launched, any data submitted will be made publicly available, with two exceptions. ECHA will not publish the link between the notification and its submitter, nor some specific names or identifiers of product components.

It’s important for companies to start preparing to adequately describe their products in a SCIP-fashion. And using the prototype to make sure the format is familiar.

As many products are being funneled through very long supply chains, the need to notify the product becomes very laborious for all the parties within the supply chain. However, for supply chains where the product remains unchanged, a simplified SCIP notification is possible. Where only the original importer/manufacturer of the products are required to make a fully-fledged SCIP notification, after which the rest of the parties of the supply chain can use the specific SCIP number of the previous “link” int the supply chain to declare that they are also supplying that product.  


This simplified notificaiton can also be combined with a “regular” SCIP notification, if a company uses a product as a part of their own product, for example, a lightbulb in a table lamp. The Lightbulb can be notified using a simplified SCIP notification, using it’s SCIP number, if its importer/manufacturer has already notified it and provided the number to the next company in the supply chain. This can then be combined with the rest of the regular SCIP notifications for the rest of table lamb, which the company produces themselves.


Find out more about the database prototype and SCIP in general at ECHA’s webpage


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