SCIP Database will be formally open during the last week of October 2020

According to ECHA during the last week of October, the SCIP database will be launched so that companies can start submitting their notifications to comply with the legal obligation under the revised EU Waste Framework Directive. The new version of the IUCLID format used for SCIP will be published by the end of October 2020 too. 

The SCIP notification obligation applies from 5 January 2021 and there are no indications that the deadline would be postponed. Therefore, companies are advised to continue their preparations to successfully submit their notifications into the SCIP database. Companies will have the possibility to submit their notifications upon the SCIP database will be launched at the end of October 2020 – months in advance of the entry into application date.

At REACHLaw, we are happy to help you to comply with the SCIP notification requirement. If you would like to to know more about our SCIP notification  support services you can find more information HERE. Also, if you wish to discuss further your case please write us an email to: . 


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