REACHLaw TALKS – now with a guest interviewee!

We’re happy to announce that REACHLaw TALKS has it’s first guest interviewee! Eliisa Irpola of The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland joins us to discuss about the key role that EU chemicals legislation plays for compliance and circularity!

Circular economy is at the core of industry’s transformation towards a climate-neutrality and a sustainable growth, and to achieve this EU Chemicals legislation is essential to encourage a shift to safe material cycles and make a circular economy work. This video discusses the key role of EU Chemicals legislation such as REACH to start transitioning towards a circular economy, how the industry is approaching chemical regulatory compliance and how it impacts on industry’s sustainability goals. In addition, she also shares the work that Finnish Federation is doing to support the chemical industry.

Having guest interviewees is a great opportunity for us at REACHLaw to share an even broader perspective on the complex world of chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability. You can look forward to our next video, which also features a very knowledgeable guest! 

If you would like to share your own expert views on a future episode of REACHLaw TALKS, you can contact us at


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