Insights from ORO meeting held in June

Our COO Sini Suomela participated in the ORO Technical meeting held on June 27th in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting covered a wide range of topics related to EU REACH and the obligations for Only Representatives.

We would like to share some key topics covered during this meeting:

i) The ECHA Enforcement Forum decided in their June meeting that their next pilot project will focus on the controls of Only Representatives concerning their obligations under the REACH Regulation. The aim is to identify free-riders and potential fraudulent economic operators. Inspectors will verify the accuracy of the registered tonnage band for each substance and ensure that Only Representatives maintain precise records of the importers covered, as well as compliance with obligations regarding safety data sheets.

ii) There was extensive discussions about the ECHA decisions and the registrants’ ability to change their tonnage bands during the decision-making process.

As an Only Representative and member of Only Representative Organization (ORO), we are committed to ensuring compliance for our clients and upholding highest standards to comply with EU REACH requirements

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