India REACH  – Your next regulatory challenge


India-REACH is India’s chemical regulation currently in draft stage known as “Draft Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules, 20xx”. The rules shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official gazette, expected to be published by end of 2020 and shall apply to all Substances, Substances in Mixtures and Intermediates that are Manufactured, Imported, Placed or intended to be Placed in Indian Territory above 1 tonne per year.

The companies are required to submit Notification for all chemicals, whereas Registration is required only for chemicals meeting CMR properties. For registration a separate list shall be maintained by authority where chemicals will be added after initial notification period. Further regulatory requirements applies to companies handling priority and hazardous chemicals such as chemical safety report, exposure scenarios, restriction, prohibition, site safety report, safety audit reports, onsite emergency plans and notification of chemical accidents. The rules also covers separate list called as priority & hazardous chemicals.

Foreign manufacturers can submit notification, registration etc. by appointing an Authorized Representative in India to fulfil legal obligations required under these rules. Since most of the requirements shall apply within 1.5 years of rules coming into force, it is therefore recommended to prepare well in advance.

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