Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers & Department of Chemicals and Petro Chemicals published a notification for amendment of Quality Control Order (QCO) for twelve (12) Chemicals.

S. NoISI NumberProductNotification detailsDate of Implementation
1IS 13601 : 1993Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymers

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymers QCO extension order

(S.O. 1643(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
2IS 5149:2020Maleic Anhydride, Technical

Maleic Anhydride, Technical QCO extension order

(S.O. 1644(E) 06/04/2022)

24th October, 2022
3IS 4105:2020Styrene (Vinyl Benzene)

Styrene (Vinyl Benzene) QCO extension order

(S.O. 1645(E) 06/04/2022)

24th October, 2022
4IS 12540:1988Acrylonitrile

Acrylonitrile QCO extension order

(S.O. 1646(E) 06/04/2022)

24th October, 2022
5IS 7328:2020

Polyethylene Material for Moulding and Extrusion

(i) Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

(ii) Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

(iii) High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Polyethylene QCO extension order

(S.O. 1647(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
6IS 12795:2020Linear Alkyl Benzene

Linear Alkyl Benzene QCO extension order

(S.O. 1648(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
7IS 17261:2019Polyester Continuous Filament Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)

Polyester Continuous Filament QCO extension order

(S.O. 1649(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
8IS 17262:2019Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn QCO extension order

(S.O. 1650(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
9IS 17263: 2019Polyester Staple Fibres (PSF)

Polyester Staple Fibres (PSF) QCO extension order

(S.O. 1651(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
10IS 17264:2019Polyester Industrial Yarn (IDY)

Polyester Industrial Yarn (IDY)QCO extension order

(S.O. 1652(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
11IS 17265:2019100 per cent. Polyester Spun Grey and White Yarn (PSY)

100 per cent. Polyester Spun Grey and White Yarn (PSY) QCO extension order

(S.O. 1653(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022
12IS 16481:2016Synthetic Micro-Fibres for use in Cement Based Matrix

Synthetic Micro-Fibres for use in Cement Based Matrix QCO extension order

(S.O. 1654(E) 06/04/2022)

3rd October, 2022

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