A wake-up call for lithium-ion manufacturers/importers

The substance 1,3 propanesultone ( CAS No. 1120-71-4) has been listed by ECHA in the category of “SVHC Registry of Intention” and the interested parties will have now the opportunity to comment on the dossier via Public consultation process.  The official consultation process for the mentioned SVHC substance has started two days ago (31.08.2015).  Please keep in mind that the public consultation lasts only 6 weeks, so you should act now if you would like to influence the process yourself. The uses which appear to be in the scope of authorisation include the formulation of mixtures (including electrolytes) and use in the electrolyte fluid in the production of lithium-ion batteries at industrial sites.

We can help you to take a proactive approach and interact with the authorities before REACH Annex XIV inclusion decisions are made regarding 1,3 propanesultone, by using our extensive experience and know-how in providing the right information, at the right time, to the right counter-parties, with the right strategy.

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