UK REACH: What’s late DUIN and what’s ahead for the chemical industry (Part 1)?

The UK REACH Downstream User Importer Notification (DUIN) deadline took place on 27 October 2021. This deadline concluded the 10-month notification phase for substances that were imported from the EU/EEA and were covered by an existing EU REACH registration or substances that were imported from outside the EU/EEA and were covered by an Only Representative (OR) provided that the supply to GB must have taken place between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020. By notifying these substances to the HSE, eligible companies for DUIN will benefit by having their registration deadlines as follows: 27 October 2023, 2025 and 2027.

With this in mind, what’s next for the chemical industry?

According to the HSE, companies and ORs eligible for DUIN that missed the DUIN deadline can still submit late-DUIN notifications for their substances to the HSE. It is unknown for how long submitting late DUIN is possible and therefore, it is recommended to do it as soon as possible. Furthermore, companies willing to start with the UK REACH registration work will need to first submit inquiry dossiers for their substances to the HSE to engage in the data sharing process with other Co-registrants as part of a substance group and be able to start with the registration work as either a Lead registrant or as a Co-registrant

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