UK: Chemical Regulatory Compliance Updates

Placing chemical substances on the UK market? Here are some updates that might interest you:


As previously published in our Blog  on the 22nd March, the UK government plans to introduce a new registration model for UK REACH, with full details expected to be revealed in the coming months. The aim is to start consultation before summer and implement the legislation by the first half of 2025. This announcement has led to industry requests for a further extension of the initial October 2026 deadline, already extended by three years.

The new model, known as Alternative Transitional Registration (ATR), includes measures like hazard information requirements, data calls, and evaluation processes. Industry representatives have expressed concerns about meeting the October 2026 deadline due to the complexity and volume of required data. The ATR package will also incorporate elements of REACH improvement and a UK equivalent of substance information exchange forum (SIEF). However, potential delays due to UK general elections in late 2024 remain uncertain. Further details will be provided through a consultation process, including industry assessments of the time needed to meet requirements.

UK’s HSE opens consultation on PFAS restriction in firefighting foams

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a call for evidence on PFAS in firefighting foams for a UK REACH restriction dossier, set to be finalised within a year. The consultation, initiated just before the end of the UK financial year (4th April), aims to gather stakeholder input by June 3rd. The HSE, in collaboration with the UK Environment Agency, seeks information on PFAS-containing foams’ usage and alternatives. This follows a regulatory management option analysis recommendation.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) invites stakeholders to submit information on:

  • The utilisation, production/formulation, importation, and/or distribution of firefighting foams in Great Britain containing PFAS chemicals.
  • The transition away from PFAS-containing firefighting foams and the viability of alternative options.

Upon receiving stakeholders’ submissions, the HSE plans to initiate subsequent discussions. Any proposed restrictions will undergo additional scrutiny and commentary.

Furthermore, the HSE was formally requested by the UK’s secretary of state for the environment to compile an Annex XV restriction dossier on March 5th.

While the EU pursues a comprehensive PFAS ban, the UK is also moving toward restrictions. The EU awaits ECHA’s opinion on PFAS restrictions in firefighting foams.

British compressed gases group updates guidance for transporting cylinders by road

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has released an updated version of its code of practice for transporting gas cylinders by road to align with current regulations. The revised Carriage of Gas Cylinders On Vehicles offers guidance on complying with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations and has been reviewed by the UK’s Department for Transport.

The updated code covers competence requirements, pre-loading inspections, vehicle selection, cylinder securing, and small load exemptions, with adherence to ADR regulations for non-exempt loads. It also outlines vehicle placarding, safety equipment requirements, and response protocols for potential incidents.

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