Turkey KKDIK Updates: The Substance Classification and Labelling Inventory is published.

The Substance Classification and Labelling Inventory has been published last week on the Turkish Chemical Data System (Kimyasallar Veri Sistemi – KIMVES). This inventory that contains over 80,000 classification and labelling notifications submitted by the substance importers/manufacturers to the Turkish Chemical Registration System (Kimyasal Kayıt Sistemi – KKS) of the MoEUCC for approximately 20,000 substances can be found via the following link: https://lnkd.in/ebx4wwYi .
The classification and labelling inventory in KIMVES besides providing information on categories for the classification of substances submitted by the manufacturers/importers with respect to substances physico-chemical, human health and environmental hazards it also contains information on hazard statements, hazard pictograms and signal words that must be displayed on the substances labels according to these hazards. It is important to note that this information submitted by the manufacturers/importers is not subject to any quality or compliance check and is published as it is sent to the KKS.

According to the official publication, officially binding classification and labelling information for around 4,000 substances can be found in Table 3 in Annex-6 to the SEA Regulation. Hazard levels and labelling and packaging information of substances not found in the aforementioned table must be stated by the relevant companies, i.e. manufacturers/importers/distributors, according to the rules in the same regulation and the annexes to it.
Companies can search by substance name, EC or CAS numbers in the recently published classification and labelling inventory. The results will be shown on substance basis.
More information can be found here:
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