SME:s! Make sure you’ve declared your company size correctly.

ECHA has recently announced that it will start a verification process where the actual size of companies who have declared themselves as micro, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) will be confirmed.

If you have registered a substance under REACH between 2016-2019 and have declared your company as an SME, make sure that you really are an SME.

According to the European Commission, an SME is defined according to the following criteria:

Company category


Staff headcount





Balance sheet total




   < 250


   ≤ € 50 m


   ≤ € 50 m



   < 50


   ≤ € 10 m


   ≤ € 10 m



   < 10


   ≤ € 2 m


   ≤ € 2 m


Source: European Commission

Note that there are also other criteria that determines whether or not you classify as an SME, the full step by step process for determining your company-size can be found here:


If you find that your declared size is incorrect, send a correction ASAP to:

By correcting the size before the verification process, you will not face any administrative charges and only have to pay the difference to the applicable registration fee. If your size is found to be declared incorrectly during the verification process, you will face an administrative charge up to EUR 19 000.

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