REACHLaw’s Executive and Leadership Teams

REACHLaw is continuing growth in providing Compliance and Sustainability services in selected areas globally. In order to strengthen its organization and respond to the rapidly increasing demand for new services Executive and Leadership teams have been formed to start 1st of January 2024. The Executive Team  concentrates on the operative management of the company whereas Leadership Team focus is continuous development.  The nominated colleagues have been acknowledged for their experience and contributions to REACHLaw. We have confidence in their ability to bring the company further, and of course, their success will be further strengthened by the invaluable support of every member of the REACHLaw family.

Executive Team:

  • Jouni Honkavaara, Partner-CEO
  • Frederik Johanson, Partner- Sales Director
  • Sini Suomela, COO
  • Bernadette Quinn, Head of Authorisation Practice
  • Gagan Kumar, Managing Director, REACHLaw India
  • Sibel Kilic, Director, REACHLaw Turkey
  • Pietro Di Tondo, Director, REACHLaw UK

Leadership Team:

  • Executive Team members and
  • Ingrid Sekki, CMO & Business Development
  • Julien De Cruz, Head of Public Affairs
  • Olesia Vinterberg, Global Accounts Lead and Legal Advisor
  • Tim Becker, Senior Legal Advisor
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