REACHLaw and NEVEK Consulting partnership announcement

We are delighted to announce  that we have teamed up with NEVEK Consulting Ltd to strengthen our current chemical regulatory compliance offering in the UK and Irish markets. Our combined REACH expertise  and deep industry knowledge will help us to provide a full range of REACH, CLP, PIC and BPR regulatory services to companies in the UK and Ireland.  

Some words about our Partner:

Dr. Keven Harlow, Director and owner of NEVEK Consulting Ltd, has over 20 years’ commercial experience in the global metals industry where he was able to marry his technical knowledge with sales and marketing experience. Not forgetting his technical roots, Keven became involved with the EU-REACH regulation in 2005, supporting various companies and trade associations with REACH compliance strategies and consortia management.  Furthermore, from 2008, Keven managed the manganese REACH consortium at the Paris-based International Manganese Institute (IMnI). In 2011 Keven assumed the role of Regulatory Affairs Manager at the IMnI for chemical regulations worldwide, including maritime shipping codes. Through his consulting firm Keven is currently offering regulatory guidance and compliance support to the worldwide industry. Want to know more about our business partner? Please contact

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