Indian Chemical Industry: Monthly Reporting via India Chem Portal

Introducing ChemIndia Webportal: Revolutionizing Chemicals and Petrochemicals Statistics

The Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, has taken a step forward in enhancing transparency and efficiency in the chemical and petrochemical sector.

This initiative mandates the monthly collection of statistics pertaining to various facets of chemicals and petrochemicals: data on production (quantity and value), import, export, installed capacity, sales and other related data of chemical sector would be digitally via collected from the informants via “ChemIndia” portal.

The objective is to establish a comprehensive and authentic inventory of data that reflects the dynamics of the chemical and petrochemical sector in India.

All companies, registered units in India would be issued notice by the Statistics Officer to furnish the required information. The information for every calendar month would be required to be sent on or before the 10th day of the following calendar month by each informant as mentioned in the notice.

Business records of a unit, any other legal document in support of the information furnished by the unit may be inspected by the Statistics Officer or a person authorised by him.

The ChemIndia Webportal serves as a central hub for registered chemical and petrochemical industries and units across the country to submit their data. Through an intuitive online portal, stakeholders can seamlessly contribute their inputs on an annual as well as monthly basis. This real-time data collection mechanism ensures accuracy and timeliness in the compilation of vital statistics.

One of the key outcomes of this initiative is the creation of a robust database that facilitates the compilation, analysis, and dissemination of real-time data. This data, received from registered industries and units, is instrumental in generating the monthly Index of Industrial Production (IIP) in collaboration with the Office of the Economic Statistics Division, National Statistical Office (NSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.


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