India BIS Licence online training for foreign chemical manufacturers

We would like to extend an invitation to foreign chemical manufacturers who are placing chemical products on the Indian market under the scope of India BIS to participate in our upcoming online training course on the 6th of July. This course will provide comprehensive guidance and insights into India BIS licence requirements, helping foreign-chemical manufacturers navigate the regulatory landscape effectively.

There are several compelling reasons for foreign chemical manufacturers to understand the importance of complying with India’s BIS licence requirement. Here, we highlight some of them: 

  • Access to the Indian market: Non-Indian chemical manufacturers -placing chemical products on the Indian market under the scope of India BIS- cannot enter the Indian market without BIS product conformity compliances, testing and marking.
  • Mandatory product list: Unique license number is required by non-Indian manufacturer for products which are mentioned under mandatory product list for BIS License before the date of implementation mentioned in Quality Control Orders (QCO) released by respective ministries.
  • Consequences of non-compliance: Failure to comply with the regulations can result in the return of goods from Indian ports. Non-Compliant products may be rejected or sent back, causing financial losses and delays.
  • Assurance of quality, reliability and safety:  Obtaining India BIS licence provides additional assurance to customers regarding the quality, reliability and safety of the product.

By understanding and adhering to India BIS licence requirements, foreign chemicals manufacturers can ensure smooth market access, prevent potential losses and enhance customer confidence in their products.

Interested in joining our online training?

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*Please note that this online training is not meant for consulting companies or service providers.

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