India BIS Certification Updates: Amendment in Quality Control Order for 10 Chemicals

Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers & Department of Chemicals and Petro Chemicals published a notification for amendment of Quality Control Order (QCO) for ten (10) Chemicals.

S. NoISI NumberProductNotification detailsDate of Implementation
1IS 17077 :2019/ISO 19062-1 :2015Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

ABS QCO extension order

(S.O. 1069(E) 10/03/2022)

12th September 2022
2IS 869:2020Ethylene Dichloride

Ethylene Dichloride QCO extension order

(S.O. 1070(E) 10/03/2022)

12th September 2022
3IS 14434:1998Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate QCO extension order

(S.O. 1071(E) 10/03/2022)

12th September 2022
4IS 17442:2020Vinyl Chloride Monomer

Vinyl Chloride Monomer QCO extension order

(S.O. 1072(E) 10/03/2022)

12th September 2022
5IS 8058:2018Pyridine

Pyridine QCO extension order

(S.O. 1136(E) 11/03/2022)

13th September 2022
6IS 16113:2013Gamma Picoline

Gamma Picoline QCO extension order

(S.O. 1137(E) 11/03/2022)

13th September 2022
7IS 16112:2013Beta Picoline

Beta Picoline QCO extension order

(S.O. 1138(E) 11/03/2022)

13th September 2022
8IS 7129:1992Potassium Carbonate, Anhydrous

Potassium Carbonate, Anhydrous QCO extension order

(S.O. 1139(E) 11/03/2022)

13th September 2022
9IS 6100:1984Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Anhydrous, Technical

Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Anhydrous, Technical QCO extension order

(S.O. 1140(E) 11/03/2022)

13th September 2022
10IS 170:2004Acetone

Acetone QCO extension order

(S.O. 1141(E) 11/03/2022)

13th September 2022



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