GB CLP: Important Updates

Attention, especially to GB based companies dealing with titanium dioxide in powder form and granulated copper! –  The HSE, as the GB CLP Agency, is taking action to update Great Britain Classification and Labelling (GB MCL) entries in the GB MCL List

Key points regarding this update:

  • The EU Harmonised classification and labelling (EU CLH) entries for substances included in the 14th and 15th ATPs of EU CLP were not retained in GB law after the end of the transition period (31 January 2020)
  • HSE is now proposing to use Article 37 and Article 37A procedures to update the GB MCL list for 90 substances in line with the 14th and 15th ATPs
  • A consolidated Technical report and the Agency opinion for these substances are now available on the HSE GB CLP publication table and can be found here: (LINK)

 Important to consider!

Although most of the substance classification and labelling will align with the 14th and 15th  ATPs; Titanium dioxide in powder form and granulated copper will be subject to additional assessments under article 37A of GB CLP, and no GB MCL is proposed for these substances at this time. Therefore, if you are dealing with any of these two substances you will need to follow-up  and see how this update will affect your business.

 Not sure what ATPs stand for?

The harmonised classification and labelling of hazardous substances under EU CLP is updated through an “Adaptation to Technical Progress (ATP)” adopted yearly by the European Commission, following the opinion of the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC). Other changes to the legal text may also be implemented through an ATP.

What’s next?

The HSE, acting in its capacity as the GB GLP Agency, will make a recommendation to Ministers for a Ministerial decision to give the proposed MCLs for these 90 substances mandatory legal effect. The expected date for this update to come into force is April 2024 and a CLP bulletin will be issued upon GB MCL update.

Find more information at the HSE website

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