Chemicals exempted from GB CLP requirements

The EU CLP regulation has been adopted in Great Britain (GB) with some minor changes to become GB CLP upon UK’s exited from the EU. From 1st January, 2021 following actors have the legal obligation to understand their duties under GB CLP as per stated by HSE website:

  • a GB-based manufacturer, importer, downstream user or distributor who places chemicals on the GB market (known as a GB-based supplier)
  • an Northern Ireland-based manufacturer, downstream user or distributor who directly supplies chemicals to the GB market (known as an NI-based supplier)

That being said, if you are one of the actors above and you are supplying chemicals to the GB market you must comply with GB CLP requirements unless your substances/mixtures are exempted from GB CLP. However, although GB CLP applies to most of the industrial chemicals, companies need to be aware that there are some chemicals exempted from such duty. In today’s TCP we want to take a look at the exemptions under GB CLP as follows:

Following chemicals are exempted from GB CLP:

  • substances and mixtures subject to customs supervision
  • radioactive substances and mixtures
  • substances and mixtures for scientific research and development which are not placed on the market and are only used in controlled conditions
  • non-isolated intermediaries
  • waste

Additionally, chemicals that are in the finished state intended for the final user might be exempted from GB CLP requirements as it is the case of following chemicals:

  • cosmetics
  • medicines
  • medical devices
  • veterinary medicines
  • food
  • feeding stuffs (such as food additive; food flavouring; feeding stuffs used in animal nutrition)

Furthermore, GB CLP regulation doesn’t apply to the transport of dangerous goods by air, sea, road, rail or inland waterway, unless article 33 applies for these cases.

Please note that the classification of chemicals placed on the market in Northern Ireland is regulated by a European regulation known as EU CLP. HSE Northern Ireland (HSENI) has separate guidance on EU CLP.

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