BREXIT: ECHA urges Downstream Users to prepare for an eventual “no deal scenario”

The UK is due to leave the EU on the 31st of October 2019 and under the uncertainties around the ratification of the withdrawal agreement, ECHA advises companies to act ahead and prepare for an eventual no deal. Under this scenario, the UK will become a third country without a transition period.

Downstream Users located in the EU-27/EEA,  relying on supply chains from the UK-based registration which have not been transferred yet to an EU-27/EEA based entity or Only Representative will be strongly affected and that is why it is important that they o act ahead to safeguard their business in the EU-27/EEA market.

ECHA urges Downstream Users to check the list of substances registered only by UK companies. This list that includes 750 substances is now available at ECHA’s website. It is recommended that Downstream Users start asking from their UK suppliers about their intentions of transferring their registration(s) or if they want to continue sourcing their substance(s) directly from the UK; to start planning accordingly and well in advance their actions to avoid unwanted impacts on their business.

More information can be found at ECHA’s website. 

Affected by the Brexit and need support?

Please contact us! We are happy to provide you with all necessary regulatory support to avoid unpleasant disruptions in your business. More information about our Brexit services can be found here.




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