Turkey KKDIK enforced from 23 December, 2017

On 23rd of June, 2017, the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban planning has issued the promised “Turkey REACH” Regulation that requires companies to register substances (on their own, in mixtures or in articles) manufactured in Turkey or imported into Turkey with volumes equal to or above 1 tone per year. 

Turkey KKDIK is closely harmonized with the EU REACH provisions and from 23 of December, 2017 will repeal and replace KEK, the Inventory & Control Regulation and the Turkish SDS regulation, GBF.

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REACHLaw Key Facts:

  • +250 KEK notifications submitted
  • +300 SEA notifications submitted
  • +250 SDSs updated

Via our Istanbul office, REACHLaw serves as OR of several EU companies and non-EU companies located outside Turkey.


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