Take-away messages from the workshop on streamlining applications for authorisation- Brussels


Today we are in Brussels attending the workshop on “Streamlining applications for authorisation”, organized jointly by the European Commission and ECHA. Stakeholders from the industry, Representatives from the Member State competent authorities, and member of ECHA’s scientific committees RAC and SEAC and of course the European Commission are reunited sharing their thoughts on how to fulfill the information requirements for upstream applications and what should be in a “fit for purpose” application.

Our COO, Ying Zhu, is on the loop of this event to get valuable insights for you our readers. Here our first take-away message for you: the simplification of authorisation for uses of low quantities may come into force in the first quarter of 2016!

Want to hear more about it and understand how this may influence on your business? Drop us an email to sales@reachlaw.fi.
Stay tuned!

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