The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA) under the powers delegated by the European Commission, in the frame of HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions, has awarded a 2.7M€ contract, Lead-free Transition for the European Space Sector LETTERSS, to a consortium led by REACHLaw.

The project addresses the main challenges of the Pb-free transition for the European Space Sector. The consortium is formed by relevant industrial and academic organisations in the Space Sector including Airbus Space and Defense, Thales Alenia Space and TESAT Spacecom. The contract, signed in November 2023, states that the Project will start in January 2024 with a duration of three years.

REACHLaw has been providing without discontinuity REACH support to the European Space Sector since 2010, including as main players the European Space Agency (ESA), ASD-Eurospace and the Space Industry. For the most critical substances affected by REACH, REACHLaw has managed Industry Task Forces for chromates, hydrazine, lead metal and other substances. In particular, REACHLaw managed the Industry/Agencies Task Force that delivered the Pb-free Transition Roadmap on which this project is based.

For further information, please contact our colleague Agustin Coello-Vera at the following email: .

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