Grouping Biocidal Products to Product Families

Hi Readers! Last week I was taking part in the Biocidal Product Families (BPF) event organised by the UK biocides authority (HSE Chemicals Regulation Directorate – CRD). So, I was thinking, why not to share some interesting information with you, our followers. Let’s start saying that the seminar focused on the data requirements and practices when applying authorisation for the BPF and actually the CRD had a practical approach on the topic, which by the way was very useful for all the attendees .They had included a case study on an application of a proposed family with products for PT 2 (disinfectants for surfaces) and PT 4 (disinfectants for food and feed area) uses.

In the Biocidal Products Family concept a three level approach has been accepted by the European Commission as follow: 

1. On the 1st level composition range, formulation and product types, and uses are defined. BPF can include products with different classification.
2. On the 2nd level the BPF is divided in appropriate subgroups with same classification, H&P statements, risk mitigation measures and similar efficacy. A meta SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics) has to be produced on this level. 
3. On the 3rd level the individual products are defined.

Finally, the Biocidal Products family can include several biocidal products with certain limitation, e.g. they must contain same active substance(s).

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