Avoid unpleasant surprises in the Substance Evaluation process

Hi Readers, today we are attending the Supply Chain Summit 2015 in Brussels, where key stakeholders are taking part. Many interesting presentations have been shared today especially one related to the Substance Evaluation (SE) and its implication in the supply chain. As an example, intermediate registrants (under strictly controlled conditions, SCC) for substances under Substance Evaluation have been contacted by the authorities during the process to provide further proof of SCC while other intermediate registrants have even been obligated to upgrade to a full dossier.

How to be prepared then to avoid unpleasant surprises?  This can rather easily be done by follow the CoRAP list which is the 3 years rolling action plan for Substance Evaluation. Furthermore, companies (registrants) of substances under Substance Evaluation are encouraged to participate in the consultation of the draft decision which only lasts for 30 days.

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