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Key deadlines your company should not miss

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Key deadlines your company should not miss

2017 will be a critical year for manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals, as several deadlines and activities are likely to have fundamental impacts on their own as well as their downstream customer’s business. Whether your company is planning to REACH-register your substances as co-registrant or lead registrant, or has substances subject to authorisation, 2017 may require specific actions from your side, if you are aiming to safeguard your business beyond this year and 2018.

23rd of February 2017
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Why to Join?

Join our webinar and learn what is on the agenda for the chemicals industry and downstream sectors. Tim Becker, our Chief EU Compliance Officer, will highlight the key dates, activities and actions companies may need to take in 2017.

Key actions to be addressed:

  • Late Pre-registration
  • Lead Registrations and testing
  • Use Identification
  • Enforcement
  • Authorisation
  • Brexit
  • And more…

*This webinar is not intended for consultancy companies or REACH service providers.