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BREXIT and REACH - Questions and Answers Webinar

You Ask, We'll Answer

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BREXIT and REACH - Questions and Answers Webinar

There is a lot of uncertainty on what will happen with the UK regulatory landscape after the 29th of March, 2019 when according to article 50 the UK will leave the EU. In fact, lately, we have received a lot of concerns not only from Downstream Users but also from UK manufacturing companies and UK subsidiaries acting as OR on how the hard BREXIT will affect their business and REACH related investments already done. With the aim to clarify the uncertainties around the impact of the BREXIT on your REACH compliance and your business from a practical business perspective, we invite you to take part in our Q&A webinar on REACH & BREXIT.

By joining our webinar you will get to know today’s BREXIT situation and its REACH related business implications. A major part of the of the webinar will be driven by you as we will be answering your questions.

27th of March 2018
What do you want to know?

Please submit your questions at the time of your registration or send  them to no later than March 16th. We will also take questions during the webinar and we will try to give an answer to them during or after the webinar.

  • BREXIT – where are we today?  Duration: 15 minutes.
  • Q&A –  Duration: 30 minutes.


Jouni Honkavaara, Partner, CEO and Riku Rinta-Jouppi, Partner- Head of Global Compliance

Who should attend?

UK manufacturing companies, Downstream Users, Non-EU companies whose subsidiary in the UK is acting as REACH OR, Companies where the UK is the entry point for supplying their chemicals to the European single market.

 *Please note that this event is not meant for consulting companies or REACH services providers.