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IN or OUT of REACH obligations?

After the Brexit vote there is a lot of uncertainty on the future of the UK chemicals regulatory landscape. Whether the British government will opt for the Swiss approach, the Norwegian approach or for some totally different approach is still an open issue that is already affecting the chemical industry. More than 5000 REACH registrations have been made by companies in the UK and now their continued validity will be subject to negotiation with the remaining EU-27. More than 40% of these registrations were made by ORs for the non-EU manufacturers. If the UK goes for the out-of-REACH approach, would this mean that these registrations are deactivated and replaced by importers or ORs in the EU?

7th of July 2016
Join us

We invite you to take part in our webinar on Brexit and REACH, where we will discuss on the potential effects that  the Brexit vote will have on the future UK chemicals policy. Among other topics to be discussed:

  • Brexit, the timetable and what is next?
  • What needs to be agreed between the EU & the UK ( REACH regulatory focus)
  • What will happen with the UK companies and subsidiaries in the UK and their REACH compliance (worst case scenario WTO rules, best case scenario “Norwegian model”)?
  • OR implications and changing OR (to be on the safe side)
  •  Q&A

Speaker: Riku Rinta-Jouppi, Partner and Head of Global Compliance

Would you like to get direct answers from our experts on the Brexit implications on your business?

Take part in our seminar in London, next 15th of September. Registration at: