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UK REACH: Lead Registrations for first-time Lead Registrants

21 April, 2021. From 2:00PM-3:00PM

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UK REACH: Lead Registrations for first-time Lead Registrants

21st of April 2021
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As in EU REACH under UK REACH there can be only one Lead Registrant and one lead registrant dossier for one substance. Therefore, companies considering becoming a Lead Registrant, will need to announce their intention to their fellow Substance Group members in the “Comply with UK REACH” IT system and by direct contacting the member companies for support of the Lead Registration position. Companies registering the same substance must work together with the Lead Registrant in preparing the Joint Submission and collecting all the required substance information for inclusion into the Lead Dossier.

Join our event!

We would like to invite all companies aiming to take the lead role for the first time to take part in our event. During our online session we will provide you with an overview of the UK REACH regulation requirements and we will guide you through the basics of the UK REACH Lead Registration work. We will explain the steps companies need to take to nominate themselves as Lead Registrants, how to get your company organized and how to get access to information required to be included in the Lead dossier for a successful UK REACH Lead Registration.



  • REACHLaw Finland: Frederik Johanson, Partner
  • REACHLaw UK: Steve George, Director and Senior Advisor

*Please note that this event is not meant for consulting companies or REACH/REACH-like service providers.