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The great resignation and how to Out-Task chemical regulatory compliance functions - Webinar

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The great resignation and how to Out-Task chemical regulatory compliance functions - Webinar

16th of November 2022
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For businesses to keep up with ever-developing REACH and REACH-like chemical regulatory compliance requirements for their chemical products is becoming increasingly burdensome in terms of resource demands and costs and taking focus away from the core competencies of many businesses. On top of that, and somewhat due to the pandemic, many chemical regulatory professionals have identified other business or employment opportunities, leaving their compliance functions and exacerbating the problem. Finding suitable replacement candidates with the necessary skillset from the get-go, who can easily be utilized by the business to carry on the business-critical chemicals regulatory compliance functions, can be extremely difficult. On top of all, there is no guarantee that it will not be repeated.
Therefore, is the industry ready to “out-task” select chemical regulatory compliance functions today, and is that even possible, and what could it look like?

Take part in our webinar!

We invite you to take part in our webinar on 16 November 2022, where we will address these issues and take focus on how to Out-Task EU REACH, UK REACH and Turkey KKDIK compliance functions and look at what might be the benefits vs drawbacks of such arrangements.

During our online event, the following topics will be covered:

The ever-changing chemical regulatory scene (EU REACH, UK REACH, Turkey KKDIK)
The great resignation implications and mitigation
How to get started: Identifying functions for out-tasking
Benefits and drawbacks

Speaker: Frederik Johanson, Partner – Sales