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Securing WFD/SCIP compliance in your organization – Webinar for Nordic countries

Legal and regulatory insights, lessons learned and how to manage WFD/SCIP requirements efficiently in your company

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Securing WFD/SCIP compliance in your organization – Webinar for Nordic countries

9th of September 2021
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Since 5th January 2021, EU suppliers of articles as such and complex objects made thereof containing candidate list substances in a concentration above 0.1% w/w have the obligation to submit data on their products placed on the EU market to ECHA for its SCIP Database, subject to national transposition. The requirements would also apply in Norway, subject to incorporation into the EEA Agreement. Companies affected by the WFD/SCIP requirements face different kinds of legal, regulatory and practical compliance challenges. Importantly, they need to map their product portfolio, understand their role(s) in the supply chain, legal and business risks (such as handling of CBI) and ECHA’s requirements and recommendations, including for simplified notification via the use of SCIP numbers. Different national transpositions of WFD/SCIP also need to be considered, as well exemplified for the Nordic countries. Additionally, international companies supplying large number of articles or very complex objects to the EU (/EEA) market are challenged to find feasible ways to secure WFD/SCIP compliance for their business.

REACHLaw and Assent Compliance would like to invite all companies and other organisations affected by the WFD/SCIP requirements to take part in our online event on the 9th of September where we will cover following topics, having special regard to the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden:


  • REACHLaw in a nutshell
  • SCIP notification and database update: Requirements, simplifications, status
  • Adopted measures by the Member States to transpose the EU legal requirements into national law – Focus on the Nordic countries
  • SCIP legal pitfalls and risks

 By Assent Compliance:

  • Assent Compliance in brief
  • Best practices to manage SCIP compliance inside of your organization
  • How Assent’s solution streamlines data collection and reporting – S2S connection to support data submission

 +10 minutes for Q&A


REACHLaw: Tim Becker, Senior Legal Advisor and Frederik Johanson, Partner

Assent Compliance: Magnus Piotrowski, Manager, Compliance & Regulatory ( Europe) and Florian Schubert, Sales Engineer.


Please note that this event is not meant for SCIP service providers.