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SCIP Notification since 5th January 2021 – Status and lessons learned for compliance with the new requirement

8 April, 2021

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SCIP Notification since 5th January 2021 – Status and lessons learned for compliance with the new requirement

8th of April 2021
Take part in our online event!

Since 5th January 2021 EU suppliers of articles and complex objects made thereof containing candidate list substances in a concentration above 0.1% w/w have the obligation – subject to national transposition – to submit data on these articles to the SCIP database established by ECHA. To date, more than 6 million notifications have been submitted to the database and many more are expected in the future. Companies affected by the SCIP notification have to consider a number of aspects for their submissions, such as the nature of their products, their role in the supply chain, the EU Member States involved and the comprehensive ECHA requirements and recommendations, including for simplified notification. Additionally, companies supplying large number of articles on the EU can benefit from a suitable and reliable SCIP reporting solution to compile the needed information along their supply chain and submit their notifications efficiently to ECHA.

REACHLaw and Assent Compliance would like to invite you to take part in our online event on the 8th of April where we will share useful information on following topics:

●SCIP Notification and database: Overview and today’s status
●Adopted measures by the Member States to transpose the EU legal requirements into national law
●Lessons learned and ways to comply for EU and non-EU suppliers of articles during 2021 and onwards.

By Assent Compliance

●How Assent’s solution streamlines data collection and reporting including the acquisition of new fields required for the SCIP database.
●Utilizing a S2S connection to support data submission to the European Chemicals Agency’s IUCLID database.
●Best practices and insights learned along the way.
+10 minutes for Questions and Answers

Speakers: REACHLaw: Tim Becker, Senior Legal Advisor and Frederik Johanson, Partner. Assent Compliance: Eric Ramsdem, Senior Product Manager, Product Compliance