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CBAM: The Basics

21 March, 2024

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CBAM: The Basics

21st of March 2024
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Welcome to the first webinar in our series on CBAM – Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Whether you are an EU based importer, a producer outside of the EU or in the supply chain of these,  within the CBAM goods’ sectors, this webinar series would be of your interest.

During this webinar, following topics will be addressed:

1. CBAM – what is it all about?
2. CBAM Authorities, Actors and Sectors Affected
3. Timelines
4. What to do if you missed the 31st of January 2024 reporting deadline?
5. Action plan during the transitional phase
6. Definite period and future of CBAM
7 .Conclusions

REACHLaw Speakers:
Frederik Johanson, Partner-Sales Director
Tero Koski, Principal Consultant, Impact Assessment

Note: Please note that this webinar is not meant for consulting companies/service providers.