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Brexit: EU and UK REACH: Get prepared for "no deal" scenario

30 September, 2019. From 2:30PM - 3:30PM

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Brexit: EU and UK REACH: Get prepared for "no deal" scenario

30th of September 2019
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On 31 October at 23:00 GMT the UK is due to leave the EU and the scenario where the UK will leave with “no deal” is becoming more probable by the day. However, anything can still happen.

With this uncertainty affecting all EU-27 and UK REACH actors and the future implementation of UK REACH, this webinar will focus on helping your company to get prepared and verify preparedness for an eventual “no deal” scenario. During our event, we will provide you with the actions and strategies your company might need to take to ensure compliance with EU REACH and UK REACH regulations and avoid critical disruptions in your supply chain and your business.

Who should attend:

  • UK based REACH Registrants
  • UK subsidiaries acting as OR
  • UK based manufacturers/suppliers
  • EU 27 based manufacturers/importers
  • UK based authorisation holders
  • EU-27 Downstream Users


Jouni Honkavaara, CEO-Partner and Frederik Johanson,  Partner