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Are you a DU of chromates covered by an upstream authorisation application? - Free Webinar

26 November, 2019. From 2:30PM - 3:30PM ( Finnish Time)

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Are you a DU of chromates covered by an upstream authorisation application? - Free Webinar

27th of November 2019

There is a lot of uncertainty around the current status of  the Chromium Trioxide Authorisation application – CTACSub, especially within the downstream users covered by CTACSub application.  Given that on 7 March, 2019  the EU General Court issued a ruling ( T-837/16) on another authorisation application setting stricter conditions for future Commission decision making on REACH Authorisation,  the European Parliament decided to issue a Resolution on March 27, 2019 requesting that the European Commission withdraw the approval of the CTACSub authorisation decision that took place on 15 February, 2019  and ask submission of a new draft.

The re-vote on the approval of the new draft is expected to take place either during November 2019 at the REACH Committee meeting or at the regular REACH Committee meeting during February 2020. Due to the General Court ruling, the Commission is expected to request applicants to submit a Substitution Plan for Use 3 ( Functional Chrome plating with decorative character) within 9 months.

Given the continued uncertainty, it is strongly recommended that where possible, Downstream Users submit their own authorisation application.


During our webinar we will guide you through the latest developments on CTACSub authorisation application and timelines, and we will address the impacts of the General Court ruling on your business. In addition, we will help you understand the immediate steps your company can take to safeguard your business in the EU and will provide you with useful information on how you can start preparing your own authorisation application and so-called substitution plan, where applicable.


  • Dr. Bernadette Quinn, Head of Authorisation practice 
  • Frederik Johanson, Partner


  • Downstream Users using chromium trioxide
  • Downstream Users covered by CTACSub authorisation application

*Please note that this event is not meant for REACH service providers or consulting companies.