Update on the EAEU Technical Regulation on Safety of Chemical Products (“TR041”):

REACHLaw Eurasia team received  information from a Usually Credible Source (hereafter referred to as “Source”) on the 22nd April 2020 that a possible further extension is under consideration to be granted for inventory notifications submission in Russia under TR041. The Source explained that such a potential extension is currently being discussed and might be granted with the new deadline potentially being 1st July 2020. No confirmation of the extension was given by the Source representatives during the conversation and thus, the discussion can not be regarded as a guarantee on any possible deadline extension.
Any possible extension would become official only after Minpromtorg issues an official letter regarding the granted extension. The Source representatives do not have the authority to confirm the extension of the deadline until Minpromtorg issues an official letter about it. Thus, if granted, this will be the second extension of the deadline.
From the experience with the first extension, the Minpromtorg letter can be issued after the official deadline. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the official letter will be published before 1st May 2020.
REACHlaw Eurasia team is monitoring the situation and will be informing its Clients and subscribers about news on the topic. Please treat this letter as a potential update on the inventory notification, but not as official news.
Disclaimer: This email and the information presented does not in any way constitute a confirmation or guarantee of any possible extension of the inventory notification deadline in Russia. The only official information on the topic can be provided by the Minpromtorg Russia.

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