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On the 12th of March CIS Center has published the news that EAEU Technical Committee 339 on “Safety of raw materials and substances” has reviewed all comments submitted during last public consultation related to GOST standards referenced in the Eurasia REACH (TR041) and CIS Center experts have developed the final draft versions of the following standards:

  • GOST 30333- Chemical Safety Passport. General requirements.
  • GOST 32419- Classification of Chemical Products. General requirements .
  • GOST 31340- Warning labeling of chemical products. General requirements.

The draft versions of the documents can be requested from the committee via email:

These standards will become mandatory once Eurasia REACH is in force and have to be applied for classification and labelling of chemical products placed in the EAEU and for the purposes of chemical safety passports preparation.

Once the standards are approved and the new commencement date of Eurasia REACH is announced, companies placing their chemicals in the EAEU can start preparing internally to be able to comply with the future Eurasia REACH requirements on a timely manner. It is important to remember that so far no transition period for chemical safety passports is foreseen by Eurasia REACH and therefore, chemical safety passports developed according to the afore-mentioned standards (once approved) will be mandatory from the Eurasia REACH day one.

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